Performing Artists

Artist: Mena Hardy


Mena Hardy is one of Canada's top up and coming rock singer-songwriters who professional career started at the age of 5 singing back up vocals for her father, classical composer Robert William Hardy.

Born in Montreal and raised in a small town on the Ontario-Quebec border, Mena's rock career started two years ago when she moved to Toronto after a successful few years back home as an acoustic solo artist.

>Since her arrival, she has successfully formed her back up band "The Shotgun Revolutionaries", recorded and released her debut EP, played all over Southern Ontario and has just released her debut single "I'm a Loser (at17) which broke out at 78 in it's first week on Canadian Rock Radio charts. She can be heard locally on Rock 95 in Barrie On and The Haze FM in Mississauga.

Artist: Streetlight Marathon

Streetlight Marathon

Founded in 2011 by singer/songwriter, Andrew Ricchetti, this band is an illustration of struggle, passion, and awareness. After playing venues in Toronto, London, Montreal, Chicago and Los Angeles, Ricchetti returned home to Toronto to record the first self-titled EP at Canada’s most recognized recording studio, Metalworks Studios in Mississauga. The album has received a warm praise from critics and the indie music community.

Streetlight Marathon has since been joined by guitarists Tom Perry and Martin Kuwawi, as well bassist Jarrod Ross and Gord Smith on drums, and has played several of Canada's Top tier venues/shows and amassed over 5,000 fans in just 8 months. In 2012, the band was selected to participate in Canadian Music Festival 2012 where they became the only unsigned band in the festival to sell out advanced ticket sales.

The band continues to write new energetic and dramatic songs to capture the imagination of its current and new fans.

Artist: James Clark


Toronto based artist/musician James Clark confronts the ghosts of his past, twisting and turning them into witty, rootsy pop tunes. His song writing has been compared to that of Elvis Costello, Bob Dylan, Neil Young and George Harrison. James’ music has charted on Canadian campus radio and with his band, The James Clark Institute has released 3 CDs with a fourth currently in pre-production. His song “Monstrous” was recently included in the soundtrack of the independent film, Cherries and Clover.”

Artist: Darren Evorglens


Darren Evorglens is a singer/songwriter based in the GTA. His talent has inspired fans to describe him as the man with a “Rat-Pack swagger and a touch of Elvis.” He’s been involved with music and entertainment for most of his life at one point taking up acting and modeling in print, theatre and commercials.

For the past year Darren has been performing at festivals, bars, weddings, private functions and competitions. Darren is currently recording a collection of his original songs for a new CD to be released in 2012. Thousands of people love this man and his rich, powerful voice!

Artist: John Layton


He was born in Australia and was brought to North America by his father, a professional wrestler.
From early on Layton displayed the more redeeming features of the Australian psyche (hanging out at beaches, surfing, and drinking beer with his mates). He seemed to have a dark side, a disturbing artistic bent which eventually grew into a career.

Visit for info on miniature glass animal sculptures. Experiences in life made him think that it is better to turn them into stories than stone. The Delta dances in syncopation and so does life, it’s never evenly spaced, and so is John’s - which are stories carried on the beats of driving ragtime rhythms.

Artist: Glenn Williams

Glenn Williams

Glenn began playing the guitar at 12 years of age and the piano at 15. In 1979 he was accepted into the music program at York University, completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in 1983 and M.A. in 1998.  Familiar with many guitar styles, his preference is for acoustic steel string and classical finger-style guitar. Glenn worked as a professional musician and teacher for many years and in 2008 released his CD Vestiges.

Artist: Yitka Karlik


Czech Republican-Canadian singer-songwriter Yitka Karlik was 13, her brother bought her a guitar, showed her three basic guitar chords and the rest is history. When Karlik arrived in Canada she taught herself English and She went through some difficult times, but music always seemed to get her through the worst of them.

Inspired by her personal experiences and by other people around her writing songs, she began playing live music with other musicians and finally found the strength and courage to record her first CD, Contradiction, which was nominated for a Hamilton Music Award in 2007. Karlik continued to explore her rich and untraditional musical heritage on her second album, Diplomatic Dream, released in 2010, Nominated for Hamilton Music Awards World Recording of The Year in 2011, which blurs the lines of musical classification and ventures into old and new sound territories.

Artist: George Michael McMillan


George Michael McMillan’s parents bought his first guitar at 15 years of age. From that day on there was no turning back. Next he started to write and sing original music and joined SOCAN. He played with the bands ‘Thor’,  ‘Mill Water’, ‘Messiahba’ ‘Electric Heat’, ‘Caged Rage’, ‘Howe Stanley Blues Reactor Band’ and ‘Silvercreek.’

His solo CD called “In A Still World” is live off the floor of his original music. George has pursued his dreams and after all these years is going on his own. There was a great amount of love and support from family and friends for George to release his music, and this has helped him along his journey.!/pages/George-Michael-McMillan/60103851786?sk=wall