Performing Artists

Artist: David R. Smith


David R. Smith is an artist that uses his talents to inspire people to live up to their highest ideals. He is the author of the new book, Rediscovering Your Lost Dreams, where he uses his story to encourage readers to reconnect to what they are passionate about. He says, “I truly believe that if we were all pursuing our truest innermost passions that this world would be a very different place, for the better.”

His songs on his upcoming album compliment the book, which shows that a hip hop artist can be more than just what we see portrayed in the media. Whether through song or through page, David promises to do his part to leave this world a little bit better than he found it.

Artist: Paul Jones

Paul Jones

Paul Jones was born Toronto but a two year trip to England changed his life.

This guitarist singer is ready to promote his blues album now fully recorded and has created a much prized resonator guitar.  

Jones performs regularly at the South Side Shuffle and many other festivals across Ontario. 

Artist: Marty Murray

Marty Murray

A self-taught musician and songwriter, Marty began playing guitar at the age of fifteen, writing his own songs almost right from the beginning. A few years later, after he had built up enough self-confidence and a large enough repertoire, Marty began performing regularly in local bars and clubs, and over thirty years later, he still continues to do that with a selection of classic pop and rock hits, with the focus on the singer-songwriters of those eras, and mix in a few of his own songs.

Over the years Marty has performed in several bands and duos, including the California rock/Neil Young tribute trio Decade, classic rock duo Desert Son, veteran bar band The Funkings, and a duo with local singer-songwriter Rick Rose. In 2005 he released his first album of original songs 'Ghosts' to extremely favorable reviews and is currently working on its follow-up, “'Northern Town.'”

Marty receives regular air play on stations such as CORE Radio in Wales, and NKN Radio in Germany, and recently received airplay on KOKE FM, in Austin, Texas.

Artist: Tom Barlow

Tom Barlow

Tom Barlow 

A graduate from York University with a Bachelor of Arts (an honors degree in English) and a Bachelor of Education, Tom has become inextricably connected to the creation and performance of music.

Tom Barlow’s musical honors include four Juno Award nominations, the Canadian Rising Star Award and a Canadian Radio Music Award nomination.  He has had three ‘Top Ten’ radio singles (including a #1 with the single “Walk Away”) and two video ‘Top Tens’ on Much Music and Much More Music. He has performed across the globe and has also shared the stage with dozens of platinum selling artists including John Mayer, The Bare Naked Ladies, Macy Grey and Avril Lavine. This celebrated and successful Canadian artist's lyrics discuss issues including; self image, poverty, bullying, war and injustice.

Check out his Young Minds on Music Program and more info at:

Artist: Niko Sofianos

Niko Sofianos

Niko is an internationally acclaimed fitness model, former Mr. Intercontinental Canada and recording artist with a vision.  He is the president of Spartan Productions – a Toronto based record label devoted to coaching artists and producing conscious music. 

Unable to choose, Niko fused his passion for both music and fitness into a lifestyle, philosophy and training modality he calls FIT HOP - acronym for a ‘Functional Integrative Training & Health Optimizing Program’.

Artist: Blake Halladay


An aspiring singer/songwriter Blake Halladay brings an original mix of real life and death experience and off the wall humour.

Hailing from the Niagara Region Blake is performing steadily with an anywhere anytime attitude. A camp fire specialist at heart, Blake also performs in support of Charitable Events and in special cases Funerals and support groups. He is an advocate for Mental Health issues seeking to promote awareness and support through music.

Artist: Peter Solmes


Born and raised in Toronto, Peter is naturally a Canadian singer/songwriter who writes and performs song about the places, history, traditions and life in general that he has observed and experienced.

In 2012 he released a video from his Canadian Tales CD called Hockey and Beer about a definite Canadian tradition. Peter also wrote songs about two other Canadian traditions on a Saturday night with tribute songs about Don Messer and Tommy Hunter [“Tommy and Me”].

So enjoy Peters musical landscapes of his Canadian home and portraits of the people and lyrical vistas of history and traditional pastimes.