Artist Appreciation

“LMC is so much fun and Deirdre is a pro who we are fortunate enough to work with. Canadian Talent is blessed to have her in their corner.” ~ Roger Rad, Rad Brothers Sports and Tap Bar

"On behalf of Whiterock Media I wish to Congratulate 'La Musique Circle' on their 2 years of helping Canadian Indie artists with a platform to perform, receive free recording time, other prizes and free music lessons to kids in collaboration with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Peel. We continue to support and sponsor 'La Musique Circle' endeavors and wish Deirdre Mallehe and her team our best wishes for many more years of service to the arts and entertainment world. Thank you" ~ Peter Whitaker, Chairman, Whiterock Media Inc

“As always, Deirdre was a gracious host. We had a blast playing LIVE at studios. Thanks for all the love and support.” ~ Band member of Drew Leith and the Foundation

“This was such an amazing and wonderful experience. We need more people like Deirdre. Deirdre is the love of my life. And she’s lost weight!!! ~ Singer/Song Writer Paul O’Toole

“In all honesty, my interview on Musically Yours was one of the greatest moments I’ve ever experienced. Deirdre made me feel welcome and important. The questions were well researched and executed. I am proud to say I was allowed to be on the show.” Hip Hop Artist/Motivational Speaker ~ Marcos Mendosa

“Musically Yours led by Deirdre Mallehe is an amazingly refreshing show. Everything is professional and very well organized from La Musique Circle to the radio show.” Classical Violinist ~ Subhadra Vijaykumar

“Deirdre is a captivating personality and it was an honor to be on her show. Everyone should listen in and join the artist celebration movement she has begu. Thanks for having me.” Singer/Song Writer ~ Daniel Theriault

“What an absolute pleasure it was to sit down with Deirdre for this extensive interview. I applaud and admire what she is doing in order to pioneer Canadian Talent on an international level. Merry Christmas to you and your entire team! Can’t wait to do it again!! .” Vocalist ~ Michael Ciufo

“HazeFM was a fantastic experience. It was great fun to share my music with all the listeners. I appreciate all the support.” Singer/Song Writer ~ Darryl Melo

“I had a wonderful time with Deirdre. So thoughtful, lively & soulful. Thank you for having me on your show.” Singer/Song Writer ~ Daniela Nardi

"Thanks for helping to promote Canadian music!” Singer/Song Writer ~ Nancy Dutra

 “Had a great time. You have a fantastic show. Sorry we didn’t bring chocolate. All the best.” Band Member, Laugh At The Fakes ~ Everett Mason

  “Great show! Thanks so much for having us on, it was a pleasure.” Band Member, Laugh At The Fakes ~ Galen Weir

 "The energy was incredible at thehazefm. Deirdre you are an inspiration to many. A real powerhouse!” Hip Hop Artist ~ Just Isaac

“It was really a pleasure to sit down with Deirdre on thehazefm and to discuss my life and music. She is so warm and caring it makes it easy. She also explores so many different sides of you that you expand your own perspective of your work. A tremendous opportunity for anyone who gets the chance to do it.” Singer/Song Writer ~ Bob Menzies

“Had a wonderful interview with Deirdre. Great questions allowed me as an artist to express myself and showcase my talent. Thank you Deirdre for having me on the show.” Rapper/Song Writer ~ D-XP

"I have to say that Deirdre and your show is doing great work for Indie artists taking the time to play and promote the artists that are working so hard to get their music out. Thank you Deirdre and thehazeFM.” Singer/Song Writer ~ Michael Evans

“Thanks for the wonderful Deirdre for having me on the show allowing me to share my love.” Singer/Song Writer ~ Nancy Diaz

“I really appreciate Deirdre’s passion for helping Indie artists. She has awesome interview skills and makes you feel right at home! I really enjoyed myself and learned some important information for promoting my music. I really appreciate her generosity and heart for helping others.” Singer ~ Marion Drexler

“Deirdre is a wonderful hostess! It is people like her that bring new music to the masses. She makes everyone feel special, and her energy is infectious!” Singers ~ Irene Torres and The Sugar Devils

“Just wanted to say thank you for having me on the show and treating me like family. Being in the station was such a warm experience. Thanks again HazeFM!” Rapper ~ Qpid, Kingofhearts

“Being on this radio station was not only a fun experience, but it gave me a chance to show everyone who I am and what I stand for and I loved every minute of it. Again, it was such a pleasure being on the show. Love, RayRay. PS: I’ll be at the Musique Circle soon!” Singer/Song Writer ~ Rayandra Hudson

“Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Deirdre. What a beautiful experience. You made the interview so easy and exciting. I love what you are doing for Canadian talent. Keep up the amazing work. I look forward to more of your upcoming shows. Love, peace, wisdom and laughter to you and your listeners. See you real soon. Love and Light.” Singer/Song Writer/Speaker ~ Carl Stedmond

“Hi Deirdre!! Thanks so much for having me. Your questions and comments were so thoughtful and your support and enthusiasm can’t be beat! Keep doing what you’re doing ‘cause I’m loving it.” Folk Singer/Song Writer ~ Sarah Beatty

“Thank you Deirdre for providing an outlet for musicians to promote their music. I felt welcomed and at home the moment I stepped into the studio.” Jazz Singer/Song Writer ~ Roger Chong

“Great pleasure to be part of the show! What a laugh we had, hooked on PHONICS!” Singer/Song Writer ~ Carlo Coppola

“This was a great experience. Deirdre makes me forget there’s a microphone involved, just two friends talking. Bright, encouraging, FUN!” Band Member, ‘Theze Daze’ ~ James Alcock

“The most amazing interview I have been part of. Love ya!” Band Member, ‘The Storm’ ~ Todd Ellegett

“It was a pleasure to meet Dee. The time went by fast, made us feel at home. Thanks for the interview.” ~ Band Member, ‘The Storm’ ~ Roger Hicks

“Dee – thanks for putting up with our nonsense! Great interview and am looking forward to our next session.” Band Member, ‘The Storm’ ~ Bob Gallant

“You're a remarkable woman. I don't know how you pull all this stuff together, but you do it every day, you do it well, and you do it with a smile. You make people feel welcome and you make it fun. If you ever decide to manage artists...I want to be the first in line : )” Singer/Song Writer/Novelist ~ Darren Evorglens

‘I had a fantastic time being interviewed by Deirdre at thehazeFM. She was so knowledgeable and full of excitement. It was easy to share my life with her.’ Singer/Songwriter/Entertainer/Humanitarian ~ Patti Jannetta Baker

‘Deirdre you are so amazing and supportive I’m moving in. Love you.’ Musician/Songwriter/Producer/Actor/Teacher/Juno Award Winner ~ Russ Wilson

‘Thank you so much to Deirdre and the team at thehazefm, loving every moment of being around your energy!’ ~ Singer/Song Writer, Tristan Ledingham

"Deirdre, great experience chatting with you! I look forward to working together more!" ~ Singer, song writer, poet, and producer, Nathan Bishop

“It was fun and a great experience!”, “Thanks for a fun hour and your kind words”, “Thank you for supporting independent music and making the hour enjoyable and fun” ~ Band members of Morning Fame

“Deirdre is a bundle of energy who is extremely gifted at getting the best out of her interviewees. She rocks!” ~ singer/actress/entertainer, Cindy Ashton

“Deirdre Mallehe is such a pleasure to speak with!! Thank you for having me and making me feel right at home, HazeFM!” ~ singer/songwriter, Jessica Speziale

“Thank you so much for having us.” ~ Cam Carnage, Guitarist – Tiger Star

“Deirdre, you are amazing! The best host I’ve ever met. Thank you! You’re supreme, so glad to be here with you! We’d love to come back any time! ~ Mila Star, band leader –Tiger Star

“Well-done, very professional and great exposure.” ~ Paul Jones, Singer/Maker of steel-body resonator guitars

"Deirdre is a wonderful host that goes out of her way to ensure her guests are treated professionally and well. Thank you my dear." ~ Composer, Rick Mauti (MysticMusicman)

'Thank you so much for a wonderful time. We'd love to come back anytime. See you at the pub.' 'Loved every minute on HazeFM.' 'We had a fantastic time on the show!' ~ Members of the band Electic Revival

"Musically Yours is now musically mine too. Pass it on and on and on. I will." ~ Singer Scott Driscoll

"Thanks Deirdre. I had a blast! Such a treat being a guest on your show!" ~ Musician James Clark

"Musically Yours is a great venue! (Radio Show!) Deirdre makes you feel right at home! Like recording in your living roon. Cheers!" ~ Singer Andy Griffiths

"I am truly grateful for giving me this opportunity. All the best to you always" ~ Singer Yitka Karlik

'I had a blast on thehazefm today. Great people, and great exposure. The atmosphere was most welcoming. I am looking forward to my next segment on here. Cheers!' ~ Singer James Faulkner  

'Deirdre, thanks so much for having me on the show and allowing me to promote my music. I like your style of interviewing and getting the artists to tell you about their personalities and experiences, because that's where the art comes from. ' ~ Musician Mike Athanasiou

'Deirdre, thank you for your beautiful self and beautiful soul' ~ Singer Ben Spivak

'Thank you, Deirdre' ~ Singer Matt Gormely 'Baby it hurts'

'Thanks Deirdre, I got nothing left to say' ~ Singer Chris Gormley 

'You did a wonderful job. Your smile is perfect.' ~ Singer, Patrick Nind

'Deirdre, thanks for having me on the show. I had a great time! Thanks for the support.' ~ Singer Darin Yorston

'Deirdre, I'm so very grateful for you taking time with me and really doing your homework and understanding your artist.' ~ Singer Jerome Godboo

'Thank you, Deirdre! I had a wonderful time with you and I look forward to hearing many great episodes of Musically Yours! ~ Singer Sarah Burton

'Thanks for this wonderful experience.' ~ Singer Jordan Setacci

'You are my hero.' ~ Singer Sean Pinchin

'To the best D in the world. Love with tons of respect.' ~ Guitarist Doron Zor

'Deirdre you are the best.' ~ Singer Pat Kelly

'Keep this show alive. Love wat you guys are doing. Real soul.' ~ Singer David Rotundo

'Deirdre, thank you so much for your support.' ~ Singer Karl Widmeyer

'Thanks for a greatly run show. Deirdre, it was a pleasure to meet and work with you.' ~ Singer David Celia

'Modicity loved the show.' ~ Singer Glenn White

'Deirdre, thanks so much. Great work!' ~ Singer Blake Lambert

'Thank you, Deirdre. You are the best!' ~ Singer Johnny Max

'Thank for having me. You rock!; ~ Singer Eddy Culjak

'Hazefm. I'm feeling your vibz. It is Casper and I'm on live here with Deirdre. Love ya vibz too! Thank you for da love.' ~ Singer Casper

'Deirdre, thank you for a great interview.' ~ Singer ESS

'Very interesting show. Went very smoothly and was well orchestrated. Can't wait to come back.' ~ The Rescue

'Thanks so much.' ~ Singer Dave McGrath

'Deirdre, thanks so much for the support.'  ~ Singer Lisa Manis

'Love your talk show! Thanks for having me.' ~ Singer Marc Ballesteros

'Thank you so much for your support Deirdre and Hazefm.' ~ Singer Zameer

'Keep it real.' ~ Singer jsin

'Thank you so much for having me! Deirdre! All the best!' ~ Singer Jennifer Cortez

'Deirdre is a lovely talented individual who's also musically trained. Her brightest talent is her ability to see good people for who they truly are. Thank you Deirdre. You are a beautiful soul. I had a wonderful time.' ~ Singer Eric McCauley

'Thank you Deirdre, your TV show is awesome and I had a great time being interviewed on thehazefm. You are a great person with a genuine passion for music! Thanks for everything!' ~ Singer Darren Flower.

“I have rather diverse tastes in music and the “Musically Yours, Deirdre Mallehe” program has something to suit whatever musical mood I’m in. Music has many different faces and they all get screen time with Deirdre.I was honored and a little intimidated when Deirdre asked me to be a judge for the inaugural presentation of “La Musique Circle,” a live showcase of musical performances. The range and quality of singing talent that crossed that stage in one evening was astounding, and I had to help chose the best. It was like going to a restaurant where everything on the menu is one of your favorite dishes. Having loaded as much entertainment and heart into an single evening as possible, Deirdre then found a way to add even more to subsequent showcases by expanding the program to include bands as well as solo performances.

La Musique Circle” never fails to amaze, impress and entertain me.”~ Brampton native T. Gregory Argall has been a playwright for fifteen years. His latest project is a stage musical based on the songs of Seattle nerd-rock band Kirby Krackle. Visit to learn more about TGA.