"I speak Music" - Deirdre Mallehe

Deirdre Mallehe grew up in a household full of music, developing into a lifelong passion for anything musical or artistic. Her mother's beautiful singing voice inspired her to join numerous choirs and take up singing at a young age and study piano.

"Musically Yours, Deirdre Mallehe" is a project she is working on in order to bring recognition, exposure, and celebration to Canadian musical talent. Starting off with internet radio, she took this idea one step further to television and launched her show on cable TV to make sure indie music is heard ‘From Canada to the World.’ She enjoys all genre of music, and is eager to expose Canadian musical talent. This award-winning Humber Grad is well-known for her philanthropy and ‘La Musique Circle’, a non-for-profit organization was created by her to help up and coming Canadian talent. Along with a dedicated team of teachers, Deirdre offers free music lessons to youth in collaboration with Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Peel and hosts an open-mic night where she offers prizes for the winners including free recording sessions.

In her spare time, Deirdre, a mother of two - enjoys art, writing poetry, fashion, theater, hosting events for charity and publishing her arts and entertainment magazine 'Musically Yours, Deirdre Mallehe.' She has an eye for anything visual, and an ear for anything musical. There is so much beauty surrounding Deirdre that she is eager to share it with the rest of the world.

Stay tuned for "Musically Yours, Deirdre Mallehe”